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A shot from last years CicLAvia event

Mayor Antonio Villraigosa’s Office of Environment, Energy, & Sustainability has produced a video that highlights what local businesses think of CicLAvia – the ever popular event that closes several miles of streets to automobiles and opens them up for bikes and pedestrians, including segments through Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) the last few dates.

The video asks, “What happens when bikes take over the streets of Los Angeles?” A few local businesses provide their own unique perspectives. It turns out that businesses enjoy the event just as much as everyone else does. (more…)

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Under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Transportation Initiative, LADOT will soon be adding a total of 95 new green, compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to the city’s transit vehicle fleet  – 32 of which will be deployed as early as this December. The LADOT Bike Blog is happy to report that these new buses will all have bike racks that can accommodate up to three bicycles; a 50% increase over the common two capacity bike rack. For more information about bikes on LADOT transit vehicles, please visit the LADOT transit website by clicking here. More on bikes and transit below the fold.

New Commuter Express buses feature triple racks!

A sleek new Commuter Express bus carrying a bike


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We know Mayor Villaraigosa's been pushing the Governor to sign SB 910. You should, too!

Rumor has it the Governor is considering vetoing SB 910, the 3′ passing distance bill for California. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is opposing the bill and its our understanding that the Governor may consider CHP’s wishes over the safety of bicyclists. Please, please, PLEASE call/email/fax/write the Governor NOW, and tell him to sign the bill.

Personal stories and information as to why this is so important may be key to getting this bill passed. For more information, go to California Bicycle Coalition’s Give Me 3 campaign page. They’ll have complete text of the bill, and some sample letters of support as well as contact info for the Governor and other elected officials.

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The Mayor has recently written a letter to Governor Brown urging him to sign SB 910 into law. We encourage you to join the Mayor in expressing your support for SB 910. Mayor Villaraigosa believes that SB 910 will send a clear message that “safety for all road users is paramount.” The Mayor believes that safety and clarity are the primary reasons to pass SB 910. “Give me 3” will bring clarity to the State’s Vehicle Code by explicitly defining a minimum three foot passing distance. Most importantly, the Mayor believes that “Give me 3” will increase the safety of our roadways for all users. You can read the Mayor’s letter to Governor Brown for yourself here: SB910 Letter. And again, we encourage you to send your letter of support to Governor Brown.

Sidenote: We hear that Governor Brown likes faxes as a gauge of support: Fax: (916) 558-3160.


Mayor Villaraigosa at the launch of the "Give me 3" campaign

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It’s finally here.  After years of work by City staff and dedicated members of the public, it’s here.  After months of council hearings and refining of legal language, it’s here.  Just over a week from today, the City of Los Angeles has the opportunity to enact a truly groundbreaking ordinance for protecting Bicyclists’ rights and safety.

A vote on the Bicyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance is scheduled for the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday, July 20th.  You can read the latest draft of the ordinance here. We’ll be attending the meeting next week, and will be live-tweeting the proceedings from @BikeBlogChris.


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Blessing of the Bikes-DTLA Ride 2011

Mayor Villaraigosa at the Blessing of the Bikes this past May. His latest Executive Order regarding the implementation of the new Bicycle Plan should be a blessing to bicyclists across the City.

The Mayor’s Office has issued an Executive Directive to the City’s General Managers to implement the 2010 Bicycle Plan. Executive Directive 20 introduces the 2010 Bicycle Plan and calls upon City General Managers to aid in its implementation by facilitating the creation of bicycle facilities and bikeways, by developing bicycle friendly codes that will establish additional bicycle friendly infrastructure, and by incorporating bicycle education messages into existing outreach and education campaigns. While LADOT and City Planning are the lead agencies for implementing the Bicycle Plan, cooperation from a number of City departments will be required to accomplish many of the Plan’s objectives.
The full text of the press release from the Mayor’s office (which features some great quotes from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the Bicycle Advisory Committee, among others) is after the break. (more…)

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The 3-foot passing bill SB 910, sponsored by State Senator Lowenthal (D – Long Beach),  has recently passed through all the state legislature committees necessary to come before the full California State Assembly. Though this is wonderful news, there is still much work to be done. For a 3-foot passing law to become law, it will need the vocal support of bicyclists from all over the state.

Give Me 3

Give Me 3 could soon be state law (courtesy waltarrrrr)

Covered extensively last week by Streetsblog, the legislation has gone through a few revisions to garner the political support needed to get to this phase.  Despite the changes made, this is still a worthwhile piece of legislation that will help to keep bicyclists safe on the streets of California.  Previous attempts at adopting a 3-foot passing law in the State Assembly have failed before, and we should hardly let the perfect become the enemy of the good when we have the opportunity to save lives on our streets.  3-foot passing legislation has been adopted by many states across the country, and it is high-time California follows suit.

In his acceptance of the Golden Spoke Award at the Blessing of the Bicycles during Bike Week LA, Mayor Villaraigosa touted SB 910 and the City’s role in bringing this legislation to the State Assembly.  He also exhorted bicyclists from around the state to get in touch with their state representatives to show support for the bill.  The vote is certain to be a close one, and SB 910 will need all the support that the LA bicycle community can muster.

When SB 910 is agendized for the State Assembly, LADOT Bike Blog will be sure to update you in time for you to contact your representatives.

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