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1977 Side 2: Close Up (1)

1977 City of Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan

I stumbled across the old 1977 Bicycle Plan in our office, and I could not resist sharing it with everyone. It was the first adopted Bicycle Plan for the City of Los Angeles. Take a moment to compare how far we have come as a City in bicycle planning–from one fold out plan amounting to 6 double-sided pages to a robust, ambitious 2010 Bicycle Plan and Technical Design Handbook (TDH) weighing in at 192 double-sided pages. (more…)

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From Request to Map


The LADOT Bike Program recently took a giant leap forward with our website’s new interactive map, where you can see both existing and designated bikeway facilities from the City’s 2010 Bicycle Master Plan. This map is a great online resource to view L.A.’s designated 1,684 mile bikeway network.

Just below our interactive Google Map, you can also download our latest PDF bikeway maps. These maps are divided into three general geographical regions; San Fernando Valley, Westside/Central City, and Harbor. In addition to showing the location of existing bike paths, lanes, and routes, the map also shows streets rated by bicycling comfort level.

For those who need a paper copy, you can also request that Bicycle Maps be mailed to your residence or business by filling out this form. This is a very popular service that we do here at LADOT Bikeways, averaging about 30 – 40 requests per month. More on how your request goes from request to map below the fold.


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bicycle map on website

Click image to go to map

We are excited to announce that you can now view all existing, and designated bikeway facilities from the 2010 Bike Plan on our website. The new map gives you a number of viewing options that you can select via checkbox, including:

  • Existing bikeways – existing bike paths, bike lanes, and bike routes, and Sharrows (shared-lane markings)
  • 2010 Bike Plan bikeways – designated bike paths, bike lanes, bike routes, and Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS)
  • 2010 Bike Plan Network – Backbone, Neighborhood, Green networks
  • Council Districts

You can also type in an address to zoom to a location of interest. The default map view is in “terrain” mode, but you can de-select this view under “Map,” allowing you to more closely examine locations. We’ll be updating this map on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects our most current, up-to-date bikeway facility inventory. Special thanks to Assistant Bicycle Coordinators Emily Dwyer and Ricardo Gutierrez for their hard work that made this map possible.

Bicycling at dusk - 4th St. sharrows

SLMs on 4th Street

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Good Afternoon, Bicyclist.

We’re inviting you to join us in this new endeavor we’re calling the “LADOT Bike Blog”. The bicycling community in Los Angeles has seen explosive growth over the last few years and the online bicycling community has grown along with it. Accordingly, the L.A. bicycling community deserves an online source of information on bike happenings from LADOT Bikeways.

– Christopher Kidd 3/24/2010

With those words, the LADOT Bike Blog became a part of the conversation in the Los Angeles bicycling community. The goal of the blog has and always will be to be both a resource and a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the department and you. It’s now been over a year and a half since this grand experiment first took shape and we are proud of the many accomplishments that this blog and its creator, Christopher Kidd have achieved. Rest assured, Chris’ grand vision is still here to guide us as we move forward. Join us below the fold to learn more about what the future has in store for the LADOT Bike Blog.

The first LADOT Bike Blog post, circa 2010


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As previously mentioned, Valley edition Bike Maps have been a rather hot commodity since we began distributing them to local bike shops throughout the Valley.  So hot in fact, that we completely ran out of the Valley edition and have been in the process of ordering more. Before ordering a new version, we took the opportunity to update the maps with the most up-to-date bike infrastructure information possible, ranging from the addition of bike lanes and some gap closure bike routes to the removal of a few nonexistent bike routes.

Be sure to request your copy of the new Valley edition bike map on our website! Below the fold  is a list of some key edits to the Valley Bike Map.

The addition of Bike Lanes to Wilbur, Plummer, and Louise


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