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Bicyclists ride the York Blvd. bike lanes in Northeast Los Angeles, which would connect to the proposed N. Figueroa bike lanes.

Last Monday concluded the official comment period for a package of prioritized bike lane projects that L.A.D.O.T. and City Planning have been analyzing for implementation. We’ve been gauging the support for these projects at four public hearings across the city (in addition to a webinar), and taking in ideas regarding how best to install them should we move forward.

All of the proposed bike lane projects are expected to change — to varying degrees — how the involved streets currently function (in most cases, existing traffic volumes will be served by one or two fewer travel lanes). To that end, we’ve gone about fulfilling the requirements of the newly passed bike lane exemption law, AB2245, which exempts bike lanes from C.E.Q.A. (even if traffic is affected), but requires a traffic and safety impact report, public hearings, and measures to mitigate any impacts. In this blog post, you’ll find a summary of the presentations we made at our hearings, as well as an overview of where we’re at now with these projects and where we’re headed next.

Hearing Summary

Each of our public hearings consisted of two key parts. We began each meeting with a presentation explaining how and why these projects have been selected, how we expect them to be installed at this point (including travel lane removal, and in some cases, limited parking removal), how much vehicular travel delay the proposed changes are expected to add to studied intersections (based on existing volumes and post-project lanes available), and what benefits we expect to receive. (more…)

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We had another quarterly Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013  with approximately 40 in attendance. Discussion topics included bikeways implementation updates, the First Year EIR priority package hearing schedule, Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS) prioritization, grant funding updates, and general questions and feedback from BPIT participants.

Implementation Updates

The meeting began with Sr. Bicycle Coordinator, Michelle Mowery, providing a general update on bike plan implementation progress. This fiscal year, LADOT has installed over 25 miles of bikeways and continues to move forward with a number of on street projects, including Bicycle Wayfinding; Safe Routes to Schools funded Bike Friendly Streets; and the expansion of the Bicycle Corral Pilot Project. (more…)

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Where should we go next with Bicycle Friendly Street treatments?

We’ve been a bit slow at updating the blog here over the holidays, but Bike Plan implementation hasn’t lost any steam. In addition to our normal work, we’ve been writing applications for Metro’s Call For Projects (to get funding for more Bike Plan initiatives and infrastructure) while our work crews have been kept busy installing a number of new bike lanes (peruse our online map to check them out).

At the coming Tuesday’s Bicycle Plan Implementation meeting we’ll give an overall implementation update, brief everybody on where things are with our prioritized package of bike lanes, spend a good chunk of time talking about where to go next with Bicycle Friendly Street treatments, discuss how to prioritize the remainder of the projects identified in the Fiver Year Implementation Strategy, provide a brief update on grants in process, as well as field implementation questions. Hope to see you there!

See the full Jan.8th BPIT agenda here.

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BPIT participants discussing Neighborhood Council communication.

This past October 2nd, the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning (LADCP) and Transportation (LADOT) held their quarterly Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting. Over 20 people were in attendance, ranging from city employees from various departments, representatives from city council offices and several bicycling organizations, to many bicyclists and residents intrigued to see where bike infrastructure in Los Angeles is heading.

(Check out the meeting’s agenda to better follow along with these notes.)


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A bicyclist rides along a sidewalk on Sherman Way

At the last Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting back in July, participants reviewed a draft list of bike lane projects likely destined for more extensive environmental review, known affectionately as “Priority Package 2.” Of particular interest to BPIT attendees was a choice in the San Fernando Valley between two very important corridors: Sherman Way and Roscoe Blvd.

While the 2010 Bike Plan calls for the installation of bike lanes on both Sherman Way and Roscoe Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley, the Five Year Implementation Strategy highlights Sherman Way for more immediate implementation consideration. Roscoe Blvd., though, could make a good substitution for a variety of reasons. While both projects are similar in terms of distance and direction, key differentiating issues include connectivity to different types of destinations and the practicality (politically) of each project. We’re encouraging additional public input as we decide which project to pursue (see polls and comments section below). (more…)

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bicyclist on Olive St. bike lane

A bicyclist riding on the new Olive St. bike lane

Download: October 2, 2012 BPIT Agenda

The last BPIT meeting for the calendar year will take place on October 2, 2012 from 1:00PM-4:00PM at the California Bear Credit Union Meeting Room located at 100S. Main St. Los Angeles, 90012.  The meeting will begin with a discussion focusing on the recent implementation of multiple bicycle lane facilities, including the latest 1.5 mile stretch of buffered bike lanes along Olive St. and Grand Ave (which LACBC posted a nice photo of this morning, on Facebook). (more…)

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Today work will begin on the Grand Ave. and Olive St. bike lanes. Together, the Northbound Olive St. and Southbound Grand Ave. will form a 1.5 mile bike lane couplet from Washington Blvd. to 7th Street. Removal of existing striping begins today with the actual striping and installation set to occur over the weekend. Each bike lane will include a 4 foot painted buffer and both streets will be receiving full-time parking, as shown in the schematic below.



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