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The Planning Commission convened at 9AM ... and concluded 7 hours later.

(Update: There’s also excellent coverage of the meeting by Joe Linton on Streetsblog and by Ted Rogers at Biking in LA)

To Be Continued…

Today, the Planning Commission voted 6-0 to continue their hearing on the 2010 draft LA Bike Plan until December 16th.  In a marathon session, with the Bike Plan alone taking up nearly 4 hours, the LA bicycling community still managed to turn out a large and vocal contingent to make their views heard.  Many different opinions were voiced and much ground was covered.

Topics ranged from EIR standards to the Backbone Network to the 5 Year Funding Strategy to Bicycle Friendly Streets to the culture of City departments to mountain bikes in City parks to the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights to staffing and documentation concerns; discussion covered the variegated landscape of what LA’s bicyclists hold most dear.

While the commissioners were generally positive about the Bike Plan (in closing statements, the audience was told “[it’s] a plan we like very much” and “we’re almost there”), they voted to continue the hearing on the plan until December 16th.  In the meantime, staff will work out the specifics of recent amendments and the Planning Commission will form a sub-committee to work with City staff to make sure their concerns are addressed prior to the next Planning Commission meeting.  A lot of the speakers voiced very valid concerns, and we’re glad that staff is going to be able to better address them before the next meeting of the Planning Commission.  The end result of the Planning Commission meeting is that we’ll have a better bike plan when this process is all over, and it’s hard to take issue with that.


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Last Thursday, 4 new bike parking racks were installed at the CARECEN day labor center in the Westlake neighborhood.  While the installation of 4 new racks doesn’t seem like much, the installation was both the fruitful end of a long advocacy process and the hopeful beginning of a new parking campaign by the LADOT Bike Program.  As always, you can find our other photos of the event at the LADOT Bike Blog Flickr page.


CM Reyes

Council Member Reyes drives in a bike rack bolt


None of this would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Council Member Ed Reyes and his staff.  LADOT Bike Blog had a chance to talk with CM Reyes during the installation. (more…)

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LADOT is proud to partner with CD 1 Council Member Ed Reyes, LACBC, CARECEN & Ciudad De Luces to bring new bike racks to the CARECEN day labor center in MacArthur Park.  Installation will take place at 9:30 AM on the morning of October 14th, and LADOT Bike Blog is excited to be a part of the festivities.


The Ciudad de Luces team in front of the CARCEN center



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You may remember our coverage of City of Lights/Ciudad De Luces last month.  Their blog has become regular reading for LADOT Bike Blog.  In our last post on Ciudad De Luces, we highlighted their efforts to create a sustainable workshop for bicycle-riding day labor immigrants at IDESPCA Job Center called BiciDigna.  On June 24, Allison Mannos and the Ciudad De Luces crew presented their work to create BiciDigna at the US Social Forum.

Streetsblog’s Damien Newton points out that the work done by Ciudad De Luces is part of what makes the LA bicycle community so unique when compared to bicycle communities of other American cities.  LADOT Bike Blog couldn’t agree more.  Ciudad De Luces’ emphasis on inclusion, education, and empowerment are goals that all bicycle communities should strive for.  Ciudad De Luces, the Bicycle Kitchen, IDEPSCA, CARACEN, and all the volunteers that helped make BiciDigna possible deserve a big round of applause and our continuing support as they make BiciDigna a cornerstone of LA’s bicycle community.

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We here at LADOT Bike Blog understand that we can’t do it all ourselves; the bike program is a pretty small department operating in a city of 4 million people.  When other groups or people come along who do their part to make LA a better place to bike, we really have to tip our cap.  LADOT Bike Blog understand that actions and solutions from the public, private, and non-profit sides are essential.  Different groups and different approaches, when all pooled together, can help to create the LA we all want to see.  That being said, I had the extreme pleasure of getting to speak with Allison Mannos, LACBC Urban Programs Coordinator and the driving force behind Ciudad De Luces (they also have the Ciudad De Luces Blog – a great read), a program which has been covered by Streetsblog (more than a few times, actually), LA Times, and Be a Green Commuter.

It only started with lights


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