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The long-awaited report is finally here.  A year after installation, the LADOT Bike Program has completed analysis of our in-depth study for Sharrows on the streets of Los Angeles.  Overall, Sharrows were a resounding success in improving safe interactions between drivers and bicyclists on many different types of street with various conditions.  For a look at the methodolgy used for our study, feel free to read up on our pre-installation Sharrows post.

But don’t take our word for it: take a look at the report for yourself.  We also created a page tab (a drop-down from the “Sharrows” page tab) for a quick link to the study by itself.  The report has already been submitted to SCAG and to the Mayor’s Office.  We hope to move forward with a robust implementation of Sharrows on Bicycle Friendly Streets throughout the City and as a practical solution to gap closure between existing facilities on streets that cannot easily accommodate bike lanes.

Come below the fold, where we’ll do a quick rundown of the report’s results, and what it may mean for LA’s streets in the future.


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I had the great pleasure last week of getting to speak with Jay Slater, the newly elected Chair of the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC).  In February, during the BAC’s previous meeting, the BAC held their bi-annual election and voted in Jay as their new Chair.

The BAC has their next meeting this coming Tuesday night, at 7 PM, at Hollywood City Hall.  As always, BAC meetings are open to the public.  You can read the BAC agenda here, as well as the Bike Program and Bikeways Engineering reports submitted to the BAC.

In the speech he gave prior to the election, Jay emphasized the shortcomings of the BAC in years past and proposed a model of what the BAC needs to become in the future.  Below the fold Jay and I discuss what he plans for the BAC, the importance of getting the new adopted LA Bike Plan done right, his campaign to create a BAC liaison program, and his efforts to raise the profile of the BAC and their online visibility.

LA Bike Plan Celebration 035

Newly elected LA BAC Chair Jay Slater speaking at the LA Bike Plan adoption celebration last month


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Last week, LADOT Bike Blog covered the launch of SCAG’s new bike/ped wiki.  Now that the CicLAvia hangover has started to clear, we’d like to give more in-depth coverage to what the bike/ped wiki does, how it came about, and what it means to the residents of the SCAG region.  LADOT Bike Blog had the pleasure of speaking with Alan Thompson and Margaret Lin of SCAG about the new bike/ped wiki.


Photo via the SCAG bike/ped wiki page via Streetsblog


LADOT Bike Blog:

How will the Bike/Ped Wiki work? (more…)

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Just in time for CicLAvia, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) has launched a Wiki for bike/ped planning in southern California.


Go to the Wiki and try it out!


You’re the Planner

Rather than do all of their bike/ped planning behind closed doors, SCAG wants to open their planning process to the accumulated institutional wisdom of all Southern California residents.  Much in the way that other Wiki’s work, anyone registered can make changes to the plans.  The more people work on the Bike/Ped Wiki, the better the overall outcome will be.  While the final recommendations of the Bike/Ped Wiki will not be outright adopted by SCAG, they hope this tool will inform them of the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists throughout southern California and offer new and innovative solutions they may not have yet considered.

Media Library

Also on the Bike/Ped Wiki is a full media library of bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation master plans for different regions within SCAG and state and national guidelines that will inform and guide the planning process.  Maps, websites and methodology studies are also included.

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