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Sharrows on Westholme Dr. in Los Angeles

A pair of sharrows on Westholme Dr. in Los Angeles

We’re excited to announce that LADOT crews will be installing approximately 20 miles of new shared-lane markings — or “sharrows” — in neighborhoods across the city.  Sharrows are intended to supplement the bicycle lane network in Los Angeles by:

  • Providing gap closures in the Class II (Bike Lane) network
  • Enhancing Class III (Bike Route) Bikeways- This includes future BFS facilities
  • Improving bicycling conditions on two-lane roadways with dashed centerlines

Click here to access or download the original spreadsheet


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Update: Minutes from the CTCDC Meeting are now available.

Yesterday the LADOT bikeways team presented a proposal to experiment with green highlighted shared lane markings (HSLM) at the California Traffic Control Devices (CTCDC) board meeting in Santa Ana. According to the 2012 CA MUTCD, Shared lane markings (or sharrows) are intended to:

  • Reduce the chance of bicyclists impacting open doors of parked vehicles on a shared roadway with on-street parallel parking.
  • Alert road users within a narrow traveled way of the lateral location where bicyclists ride.
  • Be used only on roadways without marked bicycle lanes or shoulders.

Our proposed HSLM experiment will be conducted along a stretch of Gayley Ave. (between Weyburn Ave. and Lindbrook Dr.) out in Westwood Village.


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Sharrow on North Figuera St. approaching intersection with San Fernando Rd.

Northeast L.A. based bicyclists may have noticed the sharrows that have appeared in the vicinity of the on-going Riverside Dr. bridge construction. The sharrows help accommodate the particularly high volume of bicyclists that traverse the Class III route, now a construction zone, to access the L.A. River Bike Path or travel towards Downtown. (more…)

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L.A. River Bike Path – Elysian Valley section – a Class I Bike Path in the City of Los Angeles

We are proud to introduce our new, simplified Bikeway Projects page that displays our most up-to-date project listings, fiscal year summaries, environmental impact report (EIR) package list (coming soon), and total bikeway summary. This new format will allow us to update the information more regularly than in our previous Bike Lane and Bike Path project pages (both pages are still available for your viewing pleasure). We have also included a handy link to our regularly updated City of L.A. Bikeways Map that displays existing and planned facilities, and includes a council district layer.


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Hollywood and Highland

Just one block away from the hustle and bustle on Hollywood Blvd.

Update: Added link to our flickr stream that contains more pictures of Yucca St.

A few weeks ago, we posted a bikeway project update that provided a list of projects that our department is currently working on. That list included bike lanes,  bike paths, and Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS) that are currently in design. One of those BFS facilities is Yucca St, a local street that parallels one of the busiest, and perhaps most iconic boulevards in the  city – Hollywood Blvd. Since Yucca St. is slated to become one of the city’s first BFS facilities, we thought it would be good to do a post exploring the existing facilities and detail what’s to come in the not too distant future. (more…)

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California at long last has adopted its revised Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices ( CA MUTCD). The latest 2012 iteration has some welcomed new tools that will further expand our transportation engineer’s toolbox to implement bikeway facilities in the City of Los Angeles. We’ll detail just a few of those new changes below the fold.


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The LADOT Bike Program is excited to announce that we have created some fun and educational posters to display at this October’s CicLAvia event. There are three different poster designs with concepts that are informative, celebratory, and forward looking. Be on the look out for them at select locations along the route. Also, the LADOT Bike Program will be at CicLAvia pulling a trailer full of goodies that include (but are not limited to) bike maps, LADOT water bottles, bike lights, pencils, and pins; so don’t be shy, pull us over and get some swag. More on the posters below the fold.


Assistant Bicycle Coordinator Emily Dwyer with the LADOT bike trailer emptied of bike maps, pins, pencils, water bottles, at the last CicLAvia


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