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What are you doing this Sunday?

In the wake of the recent BPIT meetings, we’ve posted a lot on what the plans for 7th Street may be. However, possibly the best way to go about thinking about what it would be like is to experience it for yourself in a safe environment in a couple of weeks. As you can see below, the route covers most of the proposed project boundaries.

CicLAvia Route for 4/10/11 (Click for website)

For those of you who were unable to join the CicLAvia team last time (check the link for some great photos and a taste of what to expect), the event seeks to “make the streets safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike.” With a reported 100,000 people participating, efforts aim to repeat that success and further show the possibilities of using streets as public space. This includes thinking about the streets as accessible space with the potential for uses beyond whats current, raising awareness about how we have become accustomed to using the streets and how we would like to use them in the future.

There are going to be a variety of feeder rides that will be leading groups to the event (Click here for the list, courtesy of Ciclavia). KPCC also writes about some of the things they are looking forward to here (they also have a link to The Source blog for Metro reroutes). Highlights include the Mayor and Lance Armstrong opening the festivities in Little Tokyo at 9:30 AM, 1000bikes.org’s repair/support booth, Food Forward’s Grapefruit harvesting and giveaway and DODGEBALL (and I’m sure much more craziness that I can’t fit on this blog post, bu you’ll hear about through the links).

I feel the need to tell you this photo has not been altered (Courtesy of CicLAvia)

LADOT Bike Program is going to be pulling our bike trailer (or, as we like to call it, “the mobile bike program booth”) during the ride with all kinds of little giveaways and to assist with any errant flat tires. Keep an eye out for any of our Bicycle Coordinators and say “Hi” if you get a chance. I’m sure there’s a patch kit, ankle strap, LADOT pencil, pin, or postcard in it for you. Just look for the trailer:

Coming to a CicLAvia near you...

We hope to you see as many bike lovers out there as possible to support this great event. It really is the opportunity to show increasing support for bicycle culture as well as getting a feel for future possibilities.


Here is some stuff from around the blog-o-sphere:

Streetsblog LA: StreetsVid: A Chat with Joe Linton, Let’s Get Excited for CicLAvia

Huff Po: 10 Historic Buildings Along the Route

LAist: Hot Spots to Check Out

ADDED BONUS: Check out this post for ideas when hunger strikes.

Any more recommendations for the day are appreciated and encouraged in comments!

Check back for updates!

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It was a festival atmosphere at City Hall this morning as bicyclists from all over the City pedaled in to celebrate a new era for Los Angeles. As we’re sure you’ve heard, the Draft LA Bike Plan is “draft” no longer; the Bike Plan came before City Council yesterday and was unanimously adopted into the City’s General Plan.  Today was the celebration.  Check out all our photos from today on flickr or our facebook page.

LA Bike Plan Celebration 007

The hoopla just getting started

When looking for reports on yesterday’s Council meeting, you can take your pick: the LADOT Bike Program Facebook Page, the BikeBlogChris Twitter feed, Streetsblog, Biking in LA, Good, LA Times, LA Now(twice), KPCC, Flying Pigeon, LACBC, CorbaMTB, the Daily Bruin, NBC4, ABC7, KCET, Venice Patch, Mar Vista Patch, LA Weekly, the Daily News, LAist, The Washington Post, The Contra Costa Times, and many, many others.

This morning, a gathering of City staff, elected officials, and the bike community came together to celebrate the new bike plan and reflect on what its adoption means for the City of Los Angeles. (more…)

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If you happen to be bicycle-inclined (and if you read this blog, we bet you are) there are quite a few things to celebrate this week in Los Angeles. A brand new, incredibly large, bike shop in downtown is having their grand opening on Wednesday. Two days later a brand new, incredibly awesome, bike corral is having its grand opening in Highland Park on Friday. Follow us below the fold for all the details.


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LADOT Bike Blog is proud to announce that our department has launched our own Facebook page and Twitter feed.  That’s right, the LADOT Bike Program is slowly, ever so slowly, entering the 21st century. You can now find us at the L.A.D.O.T. Bike Program Facebook page or the LADOT Bike Program Twitter feed.



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Just another friendly reminder from LADOT Bike Blog.  This weekend sees the first of four open houses and public hearings on the 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan.  Make sure you attend and make your voice heard.  The more people who can attend, the better the final plan can be.

Your first public opportunity for comment is this Saturday


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So we’ve covered mid-town as well as the Valley, north county and west county. Today we’re taking a stroll down the boardwalk: the beach towns of the Westside and the South Bay area get their turn under the magnifying glass of LADOT Bike Blog.

(Ed. note: Before we get started, let’s just make clear that all the same disclaimers from Part 1 still apply. Good? Good.)

(Ed. Note 2: Sadly, LADOT Bike Blog had to be out of town during the Mayor’s Bike Summit. Rather than try to cobble together a sub-optimal story out of second-hand accounts, LADOT Bike Blog suggests you take a look at the expert reporting done by others in the online LA Bike Community like Biking in LA, Streetsblog, LAist, Gary Rides Bikes & The Source.)


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After covering the City, County, and inner-ring suburbs of Los Angeles, LADOT Bike Blog’s quest to document sidewalk riding rules moves farther afield. Today we will look at the Valley and the far flung communities of north and west LA County.  Let’s get cracking!

There are bikes are in Santa Clarita, but can you ride them on the sidewalk?


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