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LADOT Bike Blog immensely enjoyed ourselves at Park(ing) Day.  While we’ll give a wrap-up of what we did, we also want to clue you into events coming over the next few weeks.  There’s a lot going on and we wouldn’t want you miss any of it.  Park(ing) Day, cicLAvia, the Mayor’s continuing advocacy for bikes (both on the radio and a press conference), My Figueroa, Critical Mass, and the 2010 LA Bike Plan … all after the jump!

Just a good old-fashioned park(ing) space downtown


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After a few weeks of interruption, Sharrows now run their proper course on Westholme Avenue from Santa Monica Boulevard to Hilgard Avenue.  We’ve been told that work crews re-installed the Sharrows along the upper portion of Westholme Avenue this past Friday atop the location where Sharrows had been paved over less than a month ago.  LADOT Bike Blog is proud to say that the Sharrows are back where they should be.

You won't see this on Westholme Avenue anymore

As part of LADOT’s test Sharrows project, Westholme Avenue received 1.3 miles of Sharrows in late July.  Only a month later, the Sharrows were covered over during a Bureau of Street Services resurfacing project.  LADOT Bike Blog was pretty embarrassed about the snafu, and we tried to explain exactly what had happened and give assurances that a re-installation was coming soon.  At the time, Streetsblog offered to take bets on how long it would be until the Sharrows came back.

So: who’s bet was for September 17th?

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LADOT Bike Blog has, from the beginning, been committed to transparency.  Good planning decisions are made when the public is given access to information and is included in the planning process.  In another incremental step towards that goal of transparency, LADOT Bike Blog is proud to introduce Bikeways Project pages for both bike lanes and bike paths.  Those tabs at the top of the page next to Links and Sharrows will contain up-to-date information on all the infrastructure projects Bikeways staff are working on.

Our blog isn't the only thing under construction

These two pages will be a continual work in progress, usually being updated once a month.  Hopefully, we will begin to add target dates for completion and details on construction as the months go by.

If there’s additional information you’d like to see included on the Projects pages in the future, leave your comments below.

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We’re going to use this post as a clearinghouse for all things “GIVE ME 3”.

GIVE ME 3's first official poster, at the bus stop at 1st & Main

Mayor Villaraigosa's opening remarks

The poster unveiled

Rita Robinson speaks

The Mayor signs the new poster

The Mayor, LADOT, LAPD, LACBC, and members of the Midnight Ridazz pose with the new poster

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Introducing the "GIVE ME 3" poster!

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today at 10 AM unveiled the poster for the “Give me 3”, a campaign geared towards improving bicycle safety and driver etiquette in the City of Los Angeles. The mayor kicked off the campaign by installing its first poster on the bus shelter at city hall on the corner of 1st & Main. The “Give me 3” campaign is the culmination of the LACBC’s Bicycle Awareness Safety Campaign, launched in April of 2010. The LACBC has partnered with the Mayor’s office, LADOT, LAPD, and Midnight Ridazz to make today’s campaign possible.


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In anticipation of Mayor Villaraigosa’s upcoming Bike Summit (also reported here), the Mayor’s office is asking for feedback from the bike community on Google Moderator.  First announced on Villaraigosa’s twitter feed, the Mayor’s office is asking both for your questions and for you to vote on questions that have already been submitted.  In addition to taking live questions from attendees at the Bike Summit, the Mayor will answer selected questions which have received the most votes.  If you aren’t able to attend the Bike Summit due to work conflicts (it is, after all, being held on a Monday morning), this venue will still make your voice heard with the Mayor of Los Angeles.

And just remember, the Bike Summit is scheduled from 9-11 on August 16th in the main boardroom at One Gateway Plaza.

Get out (er, online) and vote!

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Watch the Road

We’ve been talking a lot about bike safety on LADOT Bike Blog over the last few months, but almost all of it has been geared towards the bicyclist.  Talking about bicyclist safety, however, is only part of the equation: safety on the roads includes pedestrians and drivers as well.  Any measure of safety for bicyclists has to take into account the actions and behaviors of people behind the wheel.  We’re not the ones, after all, encased in 2,000+ lbs. of steel traveling at extremely high speeds.  If drivers know how to properly respect bicyclists’ space and properly share the road, everyone will be safer.

In the quest to educate drivers, LADOT is proud to be a member of the Watch the Road campaign.  I sat down with Watch the Road coordinator Luz Echavarria at the end of April to talk about Watch the Road and LADOT’s part in the program.

If you spend time on the street in LA, you've probably seen these signs


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