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After covering the City, County, and inner-ring suburbs of Los Angeles, LADOT Bike Blog’s quest to document sidewalk riding rules moves farther afield. Today we will look at the Valley and the far flung communities of north and west LA County.  Let’s get cracking!

There are bikes are in Santa Clarita, but can you ride them on the sidewalk?



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A past post at LADOT Bike Blog adressed sidewalk riding in Los Angeles, prompting reader Joe Linton to ask about the legal status of sidewalk riding in the other cities in Los Angeles County.  Even though LADOT – Bikeways jurisdiction ends at the Los Angeles city limits, we understand that our readers bike all over the county.  To immerse ourselves solely in Los Angeles-centric issues, without considering what is going in neighboring cities, would be an immense disservice.  Bicyclists have no qualms with passing over city lines, and neither should we.

To that end, LADOT Bike Blog will compile sidewalk riding rules for every city in LA County.  That’s right, we’re going to wade through all the ordinances and municipal codes on this here blog so you don’t have to.  We’ll eventually compile all the results into a handy-dandy spreadsheet for easy reference and maybe even a color-coded map (!!!).  If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

PART 1: The City and inner-ring suburbs


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