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Pursuing a TIGER

With TIGER funding, bicyclists will be able to ride a contiguous Los Angeles River Bikeway Network all the way to the Valley, or to Long Beach, or to Downtown Los Angeles destinations...

The City of Los Angeles will soon be submitting a pre-application to begin the process of pursuing a TIGER Discretionary Grant. The LADOT Bicycle Program has been working with the Department of Public Works – Bureau of Engineering’s Los Angeles River Team and the City of Vernon to develop a project that will substantially complete and unite L.A. River Bike Path segments already built or under construction. We are proposing a project that will link Downtown Los Angeles to the Valley and Long Beach via a contiguous bikeway corridor, a true non-motorized transportation network via the L.A. River that will include some great Downtown Los Angeles linkages (we’ve already got a number of Downtown network segments we’re readying for implementation separately that will tie into this proposed project). Construction would start as soon as late 2013.

Due to the nature of the funding timelines we’ll seek the money to do a preliminary build out of the project (with bike path and on-street connections, and at-grade street crossings that provide great access to the river, ) and come back and add additional amenities at future dates using other funding sources. This is a really big opportunity to get most of the facility on the ground without precluding coming back and addressing those areas that have been very difficult thus far, such as the lots at CBS and Universal, and desired undercrossings (which will require lengthier environmental review processes), at a later date. More details on the proposed project after the break:

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