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GIVE ME 3's first official poster, at the bus stop at 1st & Main

“Give Me 3,” will it become a law this time?

Although two recent  attempts at passing legislation that would require motorists safely leave at least three feet of space when overtaking bicyclists have failed due to unclear language, advocates of such a law have not given up. Back in February, Assemblymember Steven Bradford introduced AB 1371, the latest iteration of a three-foot passing bill. AB 1371 sailed through an Assembly vote in May and yesterday it passed with the Senate Standing Committee on Transportation and Housing10-0. Next up is a vote on the Senate Floor, if you would like to see the bill move forward, contact your local Senator and let them know you support AB 1371.

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The City of Los Angeles and the California Bicycle Coalition are teaming up once again with Senator Lowenthal (D – Long Beach) on a campaign to improve bicyclist safety statewide. Senate Bill (SB) 1464 is designed to overcome the shortcomings of its predecessor, SB-910, which last year was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Gov. Brown did recognize that the bill offered “some needed and clear improvements to the law”, but concerns raised by the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans ultimately swayed his decision to the negative. Opponents raised concerns over the 15 mph requirement for safe passing. which they felt could cause rear end collisions. Gov. Brown ended his explanation with a call for the authors, proponents, and opponents to send him a bill next year that would solve the problems; SB 1464 does just that. California is hoping to become the 20th State in the country to pass a safe passing distance law. With your help, we can make it a reality. Find out about the latest efforts to pass Give Me 3 on the CBC’s website. We’ll be sure to update you here on the LADOT Bike Blog when major developments occur.

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We have some great news to pass on to you since we last reported on “Give Me 3” compliments of the California Bicycle Coalition! By a 8-5 vote, the State Assembly Transportation Committee passed “Give Me 3” (SB 910). Next up, the bill will head over to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for further consideration. Thanks to the bicycle community’s strong support (over 200 people contacted committee members to express their support for the legislation), “Give Me 3” overcame opposition from automobile and trucking interests and is now a step closer to becoming state law. For more on the SB 910’s passing the State Assembly Transportation Committee and for the latest on “Give Me 3” (SB 910), be sure to check out the California Bicycle Coalition’s official Give Me 3 website.

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The 3-foot passing bill SB 910, sponsored by State Senator Lowenthal (D – Long Beach),  has recently passed through all the state legislature committees necessary to come before the full California State Assembly. Though this is wonderful news, there is still much work to be done. For a 3-foot passing law to become law, it will need the vocal support of bicyclists from all over the state.

Give Me 3

Give Me 3 could soon be state law (courtesy waltarrrrr)

Covered extensively last week by Streetsblog, the legislation has gone through a few revisions to garner the political support needed to get to this phase.  Despite the changes made, this is still a worthwhile piece of legislation that will help to keep bicyclists safe on the streets of California.  Previous attempts at adopting a 3-foot passing law in the State Assembly have failed before, and we should hardly let the perfect become the enemy of the good when we have the opportunity to save lives on our streets.  3-foot passing legislation has been adopted by many states across the country, and it is high-time California follows suit.

In his acceptance of the Golden Spoke Award at the Blessing of the Bicycles during Bike Week LA, Mayor Villaraigosa touted SB 910 and the City’s role in bringing this legislation to the State Assembly.  He also exhorted bicyclists from around the state to get in touch with their state representatives to show support for the bill.  The vote is certain to be a close one, and SB 910 will need all the support that the LA bicycle community can muster.

When SB 910 is agendized for the State Assembly, LADOT Bike Blog will be sure to update you in time for you to contact your representatives.

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Bike Week LA started off on the right foot this morning at the North Hollywood Metro Station.  Representatives from Metro, LADOT and LACBC were on hand along with camera crews and bicyclists excited for Bike Week LA to begin.

Bike Week LA 2011 Kickoff 038

The LADOT Bike Program was in attendance

The kickoff was commenced with short speeches by LADOT Interim GM Amir Sedadi, Metro Deputy CEO Paul Taylor, LACBC Executive Director Jennifer Klausner, CicLAvia’s Joe Linton, Good Samaritan Hospital CEO Andy Leeka, and the bicycle-loving CD 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge.

Topics ranged from Metro’s repeal of peak-hour bike bans to free bus rides for bicyclists on Bike to Work Day to new bike lanes on MLK and Expo to Mayor Villaraigosa accepting the Golden Spoke Award on Tuesday to bicyclists and drivers alike staying safe on the road to even the simple joys of exploring Los Angeles by bicycle.

Bike Week LA 2011 Kickoff 026

None other than Mr. CicLAvia himself helped kick off Bike Week LA


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Legislation meant to improve bicyclist safety statewide has cleared another hurdle towards passage.  S.B. 910, sponsored by Senator Lowenthal (D – Long Beach), made it onto the state’s legislative agenda early this month at literally the 11th hour.  It will now go before various committees, the State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee being the first on May 3rd, before coming to the floor for a vote.

Unvieling "Give Me 3" last summer (via LACBC)

S.B. 910 is the legislative result of the “Give me 3” campaign launched last summer by Mayor Villaraigosa, LADOT, LAPD, LACBC, and Midnight Ridazz.  Because the only way to get a 3-foot passing law in Los Angeles is to first change the California Vehicle Code (CVC), the Mayor’s Office began seeking out a legislative sponsor to bring a 3-foot passing law to the California State Assembly.  That sponsor came in the form of Long Beach’s State Senator Alan Lowenthal, a long-time supporter of bicyclists and bicyclists’ rights.  A special thanks also goes out to the California Bicycle Coalition, who teamed up with the Mayor early in the process to champion this legislation for bicyclists’ rights at the state level. (more…)

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