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1st Street bike lane

You can ride the 1st Street bike lanes to reach the BPIT meeting!

The next Bike Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting will take place July 10th, 2012 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. The meeting will be held at the California Bear Credit Union Meeting Room – 100 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012. The meeting room is directly accessible from Broad Plaza – you will not need to enter the Caltrans building. You can download the agenda here.

After introductions, July’s BPIT meeting will begin with an update from City Planning on the final first year EIR package (spreadsheet link, first tab) and accompanying scoping meetings in which constituents can suggest factors to study as the City puts together an Environmental Impact Review for the various bike lane projects included. We will also discuss qualitative and quantitative benefits of those projects, and then look at the draft list for the City’s next priority package (spreadsheet link, second tab). Note, while it is a draft list that will be presented, and the list can and will likely change, the City is also pursuing Highway Safety Improvement Program funds for these projects, which should score very well with the cost-benefit calculator developed by CalTrans and SafeTREC to help determine which projects should receive funding. Below, find a quick map of these projects: (more…)

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The Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting is a quarterly get together hosted by the Department of City Planning (Planning), with the Department of Transportation (LADOT) and stakeholders. The latest meeting occurred Tuesday last week, and featured updates on LADOT Bikeway Projects, our BPIT survey, bicycle parking, the LA/2B project, and discussion of various bicycle engineering issues. To view the agenda for the meeting, click here, and continue reading after the fold if you wish to hear our summary!


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